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About my Frontier

This is my second Frontier. I previously owned a 2000 XE, which I loved, and traded in for this one in 2010. It's a stock LE in Super Black, and I added a Ranch Echo truck cap, Wade window deflectors, and Cooper Discoverer tires. After I pay it off later this year, I plan on making some suspension upgrades. It currently has 85K miles.
I work at a music store and I play drums in a band, so this truck does exactly what I need. It's my daily driver, and I'm always transporting some kind of musical equipment, whether taking band gear to shows, or delivering orders to local schools. In my opinion, Frontiers are among the sharpest, coolest looking trucks on the road. And because our winters here seem to last about 8 months, mine has proven itself to be rugged and reliable in all conditions!

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