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About my H2

Originally purchased used in march '05 with 20k miles on it, I promptly removed the center seating and installed a divider behind the front seats and floor storage in rear seat section and used the rear as dog kennel and tool box. With property in California & Colorado the miles piled on to 170k today.
 With a couple of fireplaces and about 40 "diseased" 50 to 60' trees on the Colorado property I needed a lift to safely cut and trim trees. Buying used equipment or renting was costly and paying a professional tree trimmer was sky high. SO... my metal working experience in automotive collision repair got the wheels turning until... I invented the HUMMERVATOR!
 A 40' elevator mounted to the D rings mount on the rear bumper. Two people can break it down like an erector set with about 20 large bolts and can be strapped down to the roof bars for transporting. The 3x6 basket starts at 15' and goes up to 40' with the ability to extend another 10 or 20'. (once I get over my fear of heights!) A drop down stability bar with casters wasn't needed once I put in steel shock blocks. Truck can be maneuvered with basket all the way up and cables and repelling ropes serve to deflect branches away from truck. A wireless remote control operates the 12000 lb winch flawlessly from the basket. It does however require a experienced HUMMER driver!
Other feature includes the 4'x 4' elevator base frame that mounts to the bumper can fold up around the spare tire and in the down position serves as solid platform for a removable box or platform for extra carrying capacity. There is the ability to attach a fold up motorcycle trailer or a standard car dolly to also fold up and be carried without any extra wheels on the road

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Jonvia75 | New User
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Posted: 01/06/14 03:20 PM

It says a lot for Hummer and the owner's ingenuity. Necessity is always the mother of invention. Good Job!  Smile

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