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well i just got this baby of a truck my first pickup  so im a newbie to this just like this site , ok lets see i have always wanted a pickup  since my dad had one for our slide in camper and i dug that truck  we had so much fun with it , ok well alot of my friend have them and i dig that i can put my scoots on it haul stuff with it , go camping with it  tow my rod with it and just have fun with it , i like that its a head turner and i dig that people ask if its for sale makes me feel real good , ok about the truck its a 1979 chevy custom deluxe 30 dually , cant wait till i get to drive her on the road not yet i have to figure out the fuse box cuz it dont have any of the fuses in it and i cant find i diagram showing me what goes where  so i have no turn signals right now and the windows dont go down so i cant even use hand signals  lmao shes been in storage since 04 last time it was reg so i figure from the sticker yeah she been asleep for all this time , so wake up girl lets dance

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Readers' Rides Showcase 2013: It's Time To Show Off!

Enter your pickup or SUV for a chance to be in our 2013 Readers' Rides Showcase. Dead line is November 20, 2012 so get out there and have some fun!

Digital camera users can submit information and photos to us by e-mail us at We won't use any submissions that are excessively altered or don't look real. Photos must be high-resolution images and around 4.0x4.0 inches in size, at a minimum of 300 dpi (individual file sizes should be at least 1 MB).

Don't forget the Year/Make/Model and let us now why you love your truck/SUV!

We must have all submissions by November 20, 2012. Look in our March/April 2013 issue to see if your truck makes the cut. That issue goes on sale January 22, 2013.

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