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About my Ram 2500

My truck started as a stock Ram 2500 with a 11.5 AAM rear axle. Over the past few years thanks to many friends it's been upgraded with a Goerend Full Billet 48RE, AIRDOG II, Smarty REVO TNT Tune, 75hp injectors, 5" T.B. Magnaflow Exhaust, ARP Head Studs, AFE Blade Runner, AFE Stage II Intake, BSD twins, 4.56 G2 Gears, Auburn POSI front and rear, Custom 8" Coil Over Long Arm Suspension, Custom Drive Shafts, and much much more.  

620hp 1172ft lbs ITD dyno day on 35.5" BFG AT's (Before the 8" suspension and gears)

12.476 @ 108.96 mph 11/15/08

Haven't ran her since the upgrade but have been doing a ton of off roading at the beach. My 5 year old loves it!

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