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About my Ram 2500

For some reason I can't upload pictures, so I will try again soon. I bought this truck back in 2004 with 80,000 miles on it. It now has 137,XXX and still runs like a top. Never had a major mechanical problem with it, not even a hint of tranny troubles. Have had to do a few minor repairs here and there. It does have a lot of chrome on. The coolest thing I have on there is my pro tec headache rack and pro tec toolbox. I wired in 3 amber LED's to both sides of the rack and it looks pretty sharp. Also wired in fog lights that are mounted in the mesh of the rack that face the rear of the truck for night purposes and boy does that work good! It spends some time pulling a boat to the lake in the summer, but mostly its become my sunday driver, if you will, because of the 13 MPG. I bought a mini cooper that gets 35 MPG so its my daily driver. Always garaged.

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