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My Wrangler is mildly modded to suit my needs. Springs and shocks are that of the Rubicon. I've added an Aussie auto-locker to the front Dana 30. To protect the rock panels, a set of Olympic 4x4 rocker guards prevent damage. I've installed 33" Cooper S/T tires, with 1.5" Spidertrax hub-centric spacers. An upgraded steering damper keeps unwanted dynamics at bay. I've added additional skid plates to protect the oil pan and the evap canister. A Hidden Hitch is installed, with a Rugged Ridge D-ring assembly (with lock) for towing and recovery. It's fitted with the optional Trac-lok Dana 44 in back. Purchased with the 3-piece Freedom hardtop, I've added a Bestop Trektop for warm weather. A set of quick disconnects for the front sway bar links allow for quick set up for max articulation. I have not added a lift.. I don't see the need for it, and I don't subscribe to doing things and spending big dollars for "the look". Additional minor mods include spare tire cover, slush tray mats, grab handles, fire bottles, recovery kit, shovel and axe and other needed add-ons.

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