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About my Trailduster

Modifications: All the panels are original on the truck, but hand fabricated.
Hood is stock with a reverse open and functioning hood scoop.
Front grill trim was maintained with the center insert fabricated with 1070, 1/2 inch, hand drilled holes.
Front bumper was shaved, cut and altered to fit the design.
Original top shortened and fabricated with an open canopy style roof line.
Original tailgate was filled and smoothed for a flat look and a cut out for gate handle was incorporated.
Rear bumper was removed and a Roll pan was hand fabricated, with license cut out.
After market gauges were added to the current dash.
Interior stripped for future roll cage, custom dash and interior panels.
High back Baja Racing seats and 5 point harness's added for safety both on and off road.
Sheet metal door handle tags made individually for each side.
All graphics were hand painted. (does not include event or sponsor decals)
3 inch exhaust from headers back, with Flowmaster 60 Series Mufflers...Removed for open header racing.
Hand built 5 inch air cleaner stack.
Optima Yellow top Battery
110 Amp Alternator.
B&M Truck Ratchet Shifter.
Stock axles and 3.23 running gears with manual locking Mile Marker Hubs.
15 X 8 Wheels with BFG AT 33 inch tires for street & Show.
15 x 10 Wheels with used TSL Swampers 35 inch for the Mud and Off road.
It is fully licensed and registered as a daily driver, and is used for lots of typical daily errands, such as dropping and picking up kids from school, store, towing, hauling, etc.
It is also used as our Mud Drag Race and Show N Shine Truck for shop advertisement. My father and I are both disabled and work together on our property, at our family shop, 3G's Motorsports and do all our own work. 3G's is short for Three Generations, which is made up of my father, myself and my 7 year old son. It has been tough keeping up with the big boys and big money in the world of Mudding, but we have managed to compete in over 20 local events, in five years time, and have proudly brought home a Championship, 3 - 2nd's, and 2 - 3rd place finishes, with limited resources and sponsors. We were recently bumped into the Modified class from Stock, after the new additions to the engine and increase in horse power. We also tour the truck at many of the local Show N Shine events for fund raisers at the High Schools and local car clubs, as well as the many parades for multiple functions. It is far more than a daily driver. It has been noted and videoed several times over, making a 150 foot run in under 5 seconds, 2nd gear, 4 low!

No fancy shop or expensive equipment, just good old fashion, hand work, determination and manual labor.

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