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About my Corvair 95

This is a 61 Corvair 95 loadside truck.It has not been driven in 39 years.The drivetrain is from a 70 Eldorado with a,550ft.lbs.motor.Tierods were attached to the frame and battery,radiator as far back as possible for easy wheelstands.The interior has bucket seats,radio,tach and the gas tank from a 66 Chevy truck behind the seats When I win the lottery,I can afford to finish it the right way!

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Posted: 08/29/12 11:40 AM

Readers' Rides Showcase 2013: It's Time To Show Off!

Enter your pickup or SUV for a chance to be in our 2013 Readers' Rides Showcase. Dead line is November 20, 2012 so get out there and have some fun!

Digital camera users can submit information and photos to us by e-mail us at We won't use any submissions that are excessively altered or don't look real. Photos must be high-resolution images and around 4.0x4.0 inches in size, at a minimum of 300 dpi (individual file sizes should be at least 1 MB).

Don't forget the Year/Make/Model and let us now why you love your truck/SUV!

We must have all submissions by November 20, 2012. Look in our March/April 2013 issue to see if your truck makes the cut. That issue goes on sale January 22, 2013.
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Posted: 07/13/10 12:24 PM

That thing is awesome!!
GM4ever | New User
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Posted: 07/13/10 09:32 AM

I know,where are the wheelie bars?

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