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This is my all purpose ride. It has pulled a 14,000lb Trac-Ho to parade floates and everything in between even very mild off roading. But allot of it's time is spent rolling to the South Carolina Coast. Not Bad for 118,000 miles on it.

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Toddsride | New User
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Posted: 08/05/13 09:14 AM

This is transportation everyone wants if pulling, camping, or long distance is involved. Big families must love it. I'd love it to if I thought I could pay the gas bill. I was car shopping and there was a 2005 (last year it was built)Excursion in mint condition sitting there calling to me. I didn't buy it and it is still sitting there. $23500 is the asking price and could probably be negotiated down some. Oh, my, it surely did call to me.

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