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About my Tundra

I love this truck. I looked at Chevy, Ford, and Dodge when I was looking to buy, but none of them could even get closer to the price for what you get in the Toyota. I drove every eng. and drivetrain combination that I could and the Tundra was just the best in the half ton range. The more aftermarket stuff I put on it the better it gets too. I get people asking me about it all the time and lots of comments, even people from other countries taking pics. of it, just wait 'til I get the lift and bigger tires soon... I am more then happy with my Tundra, so much so that my mom bought a two wheel drive one also. Gotta luv it!...

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hotrodcr | New User
Posts: 8 | Joined 08/04/08
Posted: 02/03/10 02:23 PM

the only chevy I could find that could compare to my Tundra for power, torque, payload, skid control, and traction control was in a 3/4 ton with the 6.0 and it didn't have the power still that my tundra has.. oh yea! and it was 8 grand more.. I looked at Chevy first, and I do agree the interior is nicer, but for my bottom dollar you just cant beat my tundra, and now that I have owned it for more then a yr. and a half I wouldn't trade it for any other truck. period....
nickelback | New User
Posts: 10 | Joined 01/22/10
Posted: 01/22/10 04:20 PM

i drove all the trucks to and the chevy was the best and the towhaul mode they stold it from chevy they have a lot of trouble out of them trucks chevy tows more gets better miles to the gallion has a better w   drives better inside better looks bettea least your truck looks better than the nissian thats one ugly truck and the chevy will out run it to it seems to me the chevy is the better truck you got riped off
Truck Trend
Truck Trend | Administrator
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Posted: 01/19/10 11:16 AM

Nice looking tundra!

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