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About my Ram 1500

Modifications are as follows:
  Vararam HEMI Under Glass Ram Air Intake
  Dynomax Cat-back Duals 3" in 2x2.5"out w/3.5" tips
  Superchips Flash Paq Programer
  Stickers, just kidding...

  LED Halo'd Headlights
  LED Tail Lights w/ smoked lenses as seen in picture
  LED Combo 3rd Brake/Cargo Light also smoked lens
  Polished Stainless 3" Tube Steps
  20" RVM 936 Painted rims on Cooper rubber4
  Pace Edwards Rolltop box cover w/ locking tailgate

  Kenwood X-791 Head unit w/ G-force monitor

Wish list:
  1. Air bag suspension all around 2" lower at ride height
  2. Door speaker system (I dont wanna give up my back seat to a sub box, i like the storage)
  3. (probably never happen) Forced Induction set up
  4. Headers (any suggestions? Short, Mid, Long?)

I've had the truck since I was 16, and worked for every modification done to it thus far. My favorite parts would have to be the intake, since it looks bad ass, scares people with how much air it sucks in, the sound on acceleration, and I got a custom "HEMI" decal made so it looks like the old muscle cars. Other than that, the rims were a steal of a deal and give the truck attitude. Any questions, comments, recommendations, let me know! Thanks for viewing.

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taylortay09 | New User
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Posted: 01/17/10 01:22 PM

im shopping around for a new exhaust system and had a dynomax on my previous truck. how does it sound on the ram 1500? nice deep tone?
Truck Trend
Truck Trend | Administrator
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Posted: 12/28/09 06:37 PM

Nice start on the mods!

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