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About my Ram 3500

Cummins 5.9 Diesel
Super Chips Tuning Box
6 speed transmission
27 ft overall length, 9 ft 6 inches tall
Weight 10,200 lbs
Fuel Mileage 17-18
Road Armor front and rear bumpers
Line-X Bed coating, fender flairs and bumpers
Ramsey 12,000 lb winch
Frame stretched 7 feet
Onboard air compressor with train horns
11 ft long custom bed (2 short beds welded together)
7 inch Grand Rock Chrome Stacks
Defender Roof Rack, Spare, Hi Lift Jack, Shovel and Axe
4- 9 inch rack mounted HID light producing over 20,000 Kelvins of light
2- Light Force 6 inch adjustable beam driving lights
4- Piaa Bumper mounted fog lights
2- Piaa Bumper mounted backup lights
2- Road Force rotating amber beacons
37 inch Pro Comp Mud Terrain Tires
Gauge Gear 17 inch wheels
Custom front drive axle Dana center chunk with Dodge axles
Custom front drive axle power divider chain drive
6 inch BDS Long Arm Lift Kit
Mag-hy-tec front and rear differential covers
Heated front and rear Ostrich skin seats
Kenwood BT 200 XM, DVD, Nav, Tuner, CD Player
Rockwood speakers, amp and Sub
Alpine Rear Entertainment DVD player
Rearview Camera

Comments On Idrenak's Ram 3500

austonreeves | New User
Posts: 7 | Joined 11/13/08
Posted: 03/09/10 07:54 AM

Shocked whatever possessed you to build something like this....needs to possess you to build me one too! i havent seen something like your dodge since that old green 96 dodge 6x6...remember that? they called it the t-rex....check out my truck when you get a chance
Truck Trend
Truck Trend | Administrator
Posts: 4666 | Joined 02/07/07
Posted: 01/22/10 04:53 PM

I think u nee one more light! jk.

I bet that's one fun truck to take off-roading

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