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About my D500

I bought this truck in 2003 for $600 from someone who had just bought it from a farm estate sale.  He never titled it so I am actually the second owner.  It had only 52,000 miles on it which I believe to be all original by the condition of the pedals, seat and the rest of the interior.  It had not been licensed for 18 years and I believe that it was not driven for most of those years.  When I bought it and drove it the half of a mile home (yes it ran), the only brakes it had was the parking brake which is a drum that clamps around the driveshaft.  The master cylinder cap was broken off and a bunch of mud daubers had filled the master cylinder with mud.  Wasps had made nests in the door hinges, fresh air vents and even the heater.  It still had the original hoses on the engine, and the original tires which were not too badly weatherchecked and even lasted me for about a year before I broke down and bought new tires. It took me about a year and a half to get it in the shape it is in now.  I put dual exhausts on with flowmaster mufflers that really give it the hot rod sound.  I usually only take it to car shows and cruises, and it has even been down to the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit 3 or 4 times.  During the cruises I love to rev up the engine as high as it will go in the creeper low gear, then let off on the gas quickly to hear the POW, POW, POW, POW, out the tailpipes.  It really pleases the crowd too.  It's hard to get that same sound unless you are geared as low as this truck is.  For some shows I also load up my Suzuki X-90 on the bed using some big ramps.  Finding any Dodges like this around here is like finding hens teeth, so I know when I go to a show that there won't be any others like it out there.

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BrandonSuggs | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 08/06/13
Posted: 08/06/13 08:03 PM

Hi, My name is Brandon and I just bought a 1974 Dodge d-500 truck like yours. I bought it from the second owner. My truck had a bucket lift on the back that the second owner took off. it was originally a Pike truck in Lenoir, North Carolina. It serviced power polls in that area. The truck on has 25,000 miles and was taken care  but has been sitting for a long time. has a flat bed. Mine is white. I like this truck and know very little about this trucks and I was wanting to know if you knew anymore information about these trucks. Thanks, Brandon
Truck Trend
Truck Trend | Administrator
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Posted: 08/31/09 05:20 PM

That is a hott looking truck! I wonder if you can fit my MINI in the back Smile
Whitetacoma04 | New User
Posts: 15 | Joined 08/25/08
Posted: 08/31/09 08:23 AM

I sure as hell ain`t seen anything like that on the road before.. Old dinosaurs are always cool to see rolling down the road. You ever see a Dodge Bighorn before? Them r` good.  Cool
bkong | Enthusiast
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Posted: 08/26/09 04:17 PM

Great find, thanks for sharing

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