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About my Durango

Ranging from driving my precious little angel to school, going to work, and running errands, the Mighty Durango is our perfect vehicle for life in Milwaukee.  My little princess, who is in pink in the photo, loves to watch DVD’s in the Durango.  When we go on short and long trips, ranging from a local park, to Chicago, or even the Mall of America, the Mighty Durango is capable of hauling all of us plus additional cargos.  At work, it is sometimes used to haul up to 7 of us to meetings or lunch!  In the harsh Milwaukee winters, the Durango is on 4x4 mode and we continue on our way, usually jamming to the great sound system it has.  As you can see, I like to keep it clean and I enjoy detailing it every now and then.  I chose 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Off-Road package rims to give it a “hot rod” like, “old school” look.  Thank you for letting me share what a great tool the Mighty Durango is for us.

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Posted: 09/15/09 11:28 AM

not to shabby

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