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About my Sierra

My GMC 1500 HD 2 wheel drive, has been a great truck.  It's primarily for work (small construction company), but I've hade fun turning it into a "Sport" work truck. The ride hight was higher than the 4 wheel drive trucks with a terrible rake, I call it the jobsite stance, so I lowered it with a DJM 3"x5" kit (what a job, took a whole weekend). The stance is now awsome.  I also installed a rear airbag kit so I could still haul heavy loads (had to heavily modify the bag kit because nobody makes a kit for lowered hd's). It had 295/45/20's on it all the way around, but I've since replaced them with a staggered combo (265/50/20 front, 305/50/20 rear). I lost the "leveled look", so it's got a little rake to it now again which looks good too. For a 6000lb. truck, it moves pretty good. The next major mod will be a cam and head upgrade and an STS turbo kit or supercharger. Should be able to run with the diesels after that. I've done all the work to it myself. Thanks for checking out my truck!

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bkong | Enthusiast
Posts: 599 | Joined 07/23/08
Posted: 02/06/09 10:32 AM

Impressively done
Truck Trend
Truck Trend | Administrator
Posts: 4666 | Joined 02/07/07
Posted: 02/02/09 11:08 AM

nice looking stance! I like it a lot.

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