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About my Tundra

2000 Toyota Tundra access cab 4x2 SR5 V-8. Bought at Berlin City Toyota, Gorham Nh in sept of 99. After hauling a load of firewood I knew the stock suspension was a beat. Started with Firestone Ride-Rite airbags in the back.1 inch progressive springs from H&R, Bilstein shock absorbers.. Did that, now I need an extra leaf spring in the back to keep up with the front springs.. They`re serious! Found these purple "tophat lights" from Barjan in a chrome shop in `01, knew right then I had a place for them right under the hood, what a fit! Loud talkin tall walkin 40 Channel Cobra 29 ltd se CB radio..
Here we are in 2010 and it`s finally time to replace the OE muffler. Got a 40 series slammed on there and she really talks now!
Feb. 2011 Some despirate bastards stole the cats off the old girl as she sat one night, talk about a bark when I fired it up right off the downpipe.    
I do haul more than just wood.. Topsoil (55-40 lb bags last time around) shingles, garbage, my Ski-Doo MXZ 670,  Honda Foreman 450, QP, coal, ice fishing gear, rough cut lumber, bluestone, beer, bimbos, the kitchen sink, three of them now.. Load after 2,000 pound load.. Still tickin. 211,000 miles strong. More winter driving miles with this 4x2 than most 4x4`s will see.. Wink (Original frame too,haters)
Future mods: Add-a-leaf, tint strip on top of windsheild, more miles..

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Truck Trend | Administrator
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Posted: 10/30/08 10:31 AM

i <3 your tundra!
bkong | Enthusiast
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Posted: 10/29/08 06:00 PM

That's quite a bit of mileage, hats off to your Tundra.

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