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About my Tundra

2008 Toyota Tundra with every TRD Option available including the Supercharger (installed 2nd week of June 2008...Dealer claims first one in the States).  Estimated 525HP and 500 lbs/ft torque. Incredible performance and comfortable ride with full audio video system and built in GPS Radar.

Comments On mchilds's Tundra

hotrodcr | New User
Posts: 8 | Joined 08/04/08
Posted: 01/16/10 08:18 PM

I want that supercharger, maybe after my lift and tires. lots of power in stock form though. looks good. mine is the red '08 with the chrome.. more to come soon.
thedougmorris | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 12/23/08
Posted: 12/23/08 02:52 PM

It was the first Crew Max with the Supercharger, and the second consumer owned Tundra to get it.
thedougmorris | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 12/23/08
Posted: 12/23/08 02:51 PM

This was actually the first Tundra Crew Max to get the TRD Supercharger east of the Mississippi.  It is smokin' fast, but still comfortable enough to take the family on a trip.  All in all one of the nicest performance rides I've seen.
v8trucker4. | New User
Posts: 31 | Joined 09/22/08
Posted: 12/01/08 09:05 PM

Sick truck dude. Love the blacked out grill. The all black paint scheme is great too.
lamoparfan | New User
Posts: 35 | Joined 09/03/08
Posted: 11/05/08 02:09 PM

Those wheels are sick, what other TRD parts you got on there?
Whitetacoma04 | New User
Posts: 15 | Joined 08/25/08
Posted: 10/28/08 11:34 AM

That`s a good look man.. Nice Toy!
Truck Trend
Truck Trend | Administrator
Posts: 4666 | Joined 02/07/07
Posted: 10/28/08 10:58 AM

Black is sooooo sexy! I have a thing for nicely blacked out trucks! and your is awesome!

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