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About my Tundra

I purchased my Tundra in July of '04 and it is exactly the one that I wanted. I take pretty good care of it and it has been great to me. Only needing regular maintinance and a battery for the last four years. I usually average 16 to 17 mpg backand forth to work. It goes to camp in hunting season and has never gotten stuck no matter how deep the snow.

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gbstundra002000 | New User
Posts: 3 | Joined 10/11/08
Posted: 10/31/08 06:43 PM

Thanks everyone for the compliments. I love this truck and I hope to run it till it won't pass inspection or the wheels fall off. Best truck I've ever owned. I have a little over 97,000 miles on it.If you get the chance to own one of these don't pass it up.
Azul | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 10/21/08
Posted: 10/21/08 04:14 PM

I bought a 2K Tundra new and I still have it.  What a great ride. I like the color of yours. A set of headers and a cat back should help your mileage a little. Enjoy it all. Smile
bkong | Enthusiast
Posts: 599 | Joined 07/23/08
Posted: 10/15/08 12:31 PM

That's a sweet bar up front.
Truck Trend
Truck Trend | Administrator
Posts: 4666 | Joined 02/07/07
Posted: 10/15/08 10:30 AM

Your Tundra, I think is the best looking Year for that vehicle. I love this body style! Good looking truck!

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