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2004 Toyota Tacoma 4x2 rcsb Base model. Bought in Cali @ Tustin Toyota in 05. Has not seen salt since it has been in the rust belt. Really got into truck in `07. Lost the gray bumpers replaced w/ chrome, painted the grill & ventshades to match, clear corner lights, chicken lights, stealth bulbs in blinkers, DEPO red/clear taillights, tint all around, Bridgestone Duelers mounted on "Ultra" 15" wheels, Flowmaster muff w/ unnessesarilly large TRD SS tip, Kenwood head unit, Extang snapless tonneau.. Rt.66 theme throughout. Don`t know why my Tundra I got on here w/ 210,000 miles has a higher exterior rating?!! Thanks for the wacky ratings guys!
Future mods: Hopefully this year a header of some sort to get back some of the gas milage I lost with the intake and the tonneau and make a little more of a disturbance around town, stubby antenna, maybe some sort of speakers. Thinking about an aluminum driveshaft. Besides that I think I`m about done... Running out of ideas.. Confused

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Whitetacoma04 | New User
Posts: 15 | Joined 08/25/08
Posted: 10/05/09 05:45 PM

Just rolled over 40,000 miles a week ago, wanted to get an idea of what the yearly mileage was.. I came up with 6,666.666666667. Rt.66 theme throughout.
lauferdm | New User
Posts: 14 | Joined 04/14/08
Posted: 09/27/08 08:30 AM

sweet!! nice work. your stock hp is rated at 142. how about adding a slidding rear window? i love mine.
Truck Trend
Truck Trend | Administrator
Posts: 4666 | Joined 02/07/07
Posted: 09/26/08 10:52 AM

Nice taco!
Truck Trend
Truck Trend | Administrator
Posts: 4666 | Joined 02/07/07
Posted: 09/26/08 10:51 AM

Don't forget to enter your truck with hi-res photos so that we can add you to our Reader's Ride Issues and be published in the Magazine it's self!

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