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About my 4Runner

My ride is a Toyota Fortuner. You could think of it as the Asian/Middle East version of the Toyota 4Runner. It's got seven seats, the same 1GR-FE V6 engine, the same 5 speed A750F gearbox, the FJ Cruiser's permanent 4WD transfer case, and the same diffs. As such, it's got permanent four wheel drive with a lockable Torsen(R) center differential. The chassis is a shortened Toyota HiLux chassis, and shares sheet metal with the HiLux on the front fenders and hood. I've given it a 2.5 inch lift by installing the Australian Old Man Emu suspension kit, and larger 265/75/R16 tires. The rig comes with a rear locker from the factory, and a standard 220 mm (8.7 Inches) ground clearance. So I've propped it up to 11.2 Inches of clearance. Mods also include a front bull bar, a Warn winch, a front locker from ARB, two on-board air compressors (one of them from ARB also used for the locker), and an auxiliary battery. The car has become quite a distinguished off-road beast, and becoming quite popular in the region as one of the few vehicles around with triple diff-locks. It's my only ride, I use it to go everywhere, including regular trips to grocery stores, so I'm keen on keeping it road-friendly as well.

Comments On iniazy's 4Runner

oddball2 | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 10/14/09
Posted: 10/14/09 11:40 PM

nice upgrades,but why not the rocky,muddy ***  Keep it on the streets!!!
iniazy | New User
Posts: 2 | Joined 05/30/08
Posted: 10/08/08 11:08 AM

I'll get you a hi-res photo tomorrow. I've just added a new mod, a Safari Snorkel. That will show in the new photo.
bkong | Enthusiast
Posts: 599 | Joined 07/23/08
Posted: 09/19/08 04:54 PM

Looks like fun, it must be so fun to drive off road.
Truck Trend
Truck Trend | Administrator
Posts: 4666 | Joined 02/07/07
Posted: 09/16/08 03:51 PM

Don't forget to enter your truck with hi-res photos so that we can add you to our Reader's Ride Issues and be published in the Magazine it's self!
Truck Trend
Truck Trend | Administrator
Posts: 4666 | Joined 02/07/07
Posted: 09/16/08 03:50 PM

your Fortuner in amazing! I love how you play hard in it!

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