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About my Ram 1500

There’s only so much you can do to a Lease Truck

You’ve sussed me out, I’m not from these waters however that hasn’t stopped me catching a serious case of truckitous.  Been here for three years now and got a 94 Ram (not photo worthy - yet, got some door skins to replace, shaved kits just arrived) and of course my baby - my second lease Ram. I’m pretty much limited to bolt-on-bolt-off goodies which may either go on to the next Ram or I’ll end up making someone very happy on EBay. For me the Megacab is all about putting on one or both of my motorcycles onboard with all the trimmings not forgetting the her-in-doors and my two boys, this baby takes it all in her stride..  

These are the goodies that my baby has been adorned with over the last twelve months or so. I enclose the details in case anyone else out there is looking for tat bargain like me.

Wheels – Ultra Mammoth 227/228 Tasty – well pleased with these, the most recent addition (took three years of NO! before she finally said yes).
Flares, Bushwhacker (Oops an oversight of mine had no idea how much dirt and stone would be thrown on to the paintwork with those wheels)
Taillight covers 3D RamHorn. Cool addition unfortunately plastichrome failed after first winter, replacements have just arrived.
Bulbar and spots Westin 3” and KC HiLites. Looks the business, free driving lamp offer honored – easy to fit – no cutouts needed. Spots, very bright but are too big to push back (foul on bulbar) to shine beyond 10ft in font of truck.
Side Steps Pilot Bully, didn’t keep their no maintenance high shine like the add claimed. Take forever to buff a shine functional though.
Front Grill – Sorry, made by me hand cut diamond plate – nothing but the best and yes she has no problem keeping cool.
Ram insignia – April this year at 50 got my first Tattoo, convinced my truck was sulking so made her a special treat.

A question for your techies, my wheel bolt pattern is x, x, x just in case in Jan of 09 should I want to stray away from my favorite Ram what other truck would my wheels fit on to?

With only six months left on the lease if you can see any obvious goodie I’ve missed (which I can get blessed by higher authority) I’d be happy to hear it….

You can see from my plate I’m fairly nuts about the truck even our cat is called Hemi because it purrs like one. Anyway enough ramblings now to the much deserved praise part. Absolutely love the magazine eagerly await the delivery, keep up the great work.

Yours  - Mark O
A Brit, very happy in America.

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Truck Trend
Truck Trend | Administrator
Posts: 4666 | Joined 02/07/07
Posted: 09/08/08 11:19 AM

Don't forget to enter your truck with hi-res photos so that we can add you to our Reader's Ride Issues and be published in the Magazine it's self!
Truck Trend
Truck Trend | Administrator
Posts: 4666 | Joined 02/07/07
Posted: 09/08/08 11:18 AM

HA! I love the British flag front grille. Nice to represent the country you come from on a dodge!
lamoparfan | New User
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Posted: 09/05/08 08:53 AM

Nifty front end!

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