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About my Ram 2500

I bought this truck in October 2004 with 81,000 miles on it with the truck completely stock except for the extra leaf springs in the rear because the previous owner had hauled a camper. Since then I have added many items to it. Dual exhuast with chrome 3 inch tips starts off the list followed by, chrome fender trim, chrome door and tailgate handles, chrome fuel door, chrome nerf bars, chrome door sill guards that have a laser cut Ram head on each end with Dodge laser cut in the middle, tinted windows, K&N Cold Air Intake, 265 75R16 BFG All Terrain tires, fog lights, ram head tailight covers, and a chrome third brake light cover with ram heads cut into it. I plan on more chrome accessories in the future as well as installing a chip. As far as mechanical problems go, I have not had any major mechanical failure to this point with 115,600 miles on it. Both the 5.9L 360 V8 Magnum engine and the automatic transmission keep running like a champ every day and have no trouble pulling a 20 ft. boat, two place horse trailer, or a few tons of hay with plenty of power left to spare when my foot feels the need. The only things that I have had to fix is the intake manifold gasket, timing cover gasket, a gasket that comes off the transmission to the driveline, the transmission cooling line, the heater core, and a starter. Other than those, this truck has been a great, well taken care of truck. The fuel mileage was 15 mpg no matter what I did when it had the 245 75R16 highway tires on it, but since putting the 265 all terrain BFG's on it, the mileage was knocked down to 13.5-14-maybe 15 mpg on the highway. Can't argue that though. I've seen worse in a three quarter ton truck. Recently I did have the passenger door repainted due to the mechanics who work on it scratched it totaling $300 worth of damage. Don't worry, they paid for it. More recently, a deer ran into the drivers door putting a good size dent in it and an estimated $300 worth of damage. So this is my pride and joy truck in description and I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures!

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great story! you should enter that story in the

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