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About my Other Dodge

1964  A100  R/T Racing Truck - 340ci 6pack bored 40 - dome pistons - 8 3/4 rear end - 727 automatic transmission Mini tubbed - headers 4x3" galvanized square exhaust . 3" Chopped top . Nice graphics Custom Interior with Dodge emblems .

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t-bonehead | New User
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Posted: 12/04/07 10:45 PM

Nice work on your A100. Good integration of modern and HiPo components while highlighting the retro look. I'm a sucker for the Ford/Dodge/Chevy/VW van pickups.
Truck Trend
Truck Trend | Administrator
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Posted: 11/18/07 05:56 PM


that is one amazing pickup. You dont see those around much and yours is just to cool and fun!

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