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About my Ram 1500

Not many people can say they have had the opportunity to drive their dream vehicle; I drive mine everyday!  In my opinion, the '94-'01 (particularly the '94-'97) Dodge Rams are the most beautiful vehicles ever made.  Mine is a '94 Ram SWB 4x4 with the 5.2L Magnum.  Some of the accessories/modifications it has:  3/4-ton front coils (to "level" the truck), glasspack exhaust, custom sound system, Herculiner, and many hand-made aluminum and stainless steel accessories.  In addition to daily driving, I use it for towing a jet-ski and for hauling miscellaneous items.  It may not be the biggest or most powerful truck out there, and it's finally starting to show its age (almost 20!), but it has been a wonderfully reliable vehicle for me!

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Posted: 09/25/07 08:26 AM

ooo i'd like to see the hand made goodies you have on your truck. There's nothing better than DIY mods! Thumbs Up2

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