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About my F-150 Pickup

This truck is really built Ford tough. I basically dont have any mods to this truck in the way of performance but this truck will get the job done. I drove it in flood water to rescue a friend, this truck was up to water higher than the fenders and kept on truckin! It really loves to catch air. Dirt or snow this truck has left the ground from all four wheels on numerous occasions. I have 70K miles on it and only had to replace the A/c compressor.(Probably from submerged in water!) Its never had anything more than an oil change. I love my ride! I haven't done much in the way of mods but their is a long list of wants:
6" or 8" Lift
Robby Gordon Wheels
Cold Air Induction
Grille Guard
Off Road Lights

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Posted: 09/10/07 12:52 PM

SNOWWWW!!!! nice!

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