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About my Grand Cherokee

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee - special edition

4.7L V8

Lift and Axles
4" TeraFlex
Fully trussed and gusseted axles
4.10 gears
Rancho 9000s w/ in-cab Air adjustment system

32" Goodyear MT/Rs
Procomp black steelies

Flowmaster 70 series

Comments On 06Silver's Grand Cherokee

oddball2 | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 10/14/09
Posted: 10/14/09 10:29 PM

hey thats kickass,if you'r gonna make it you got to use it!   right on man!!!!!!
06Silver | New User
Posts: 4 | Joined 06/08/07
Posted: 02/03/09 04:23 PM

not sure if this way to late
but no the gearing isnt necessary
i was having axle repairs done anyhow so i went ahead and geared it - probably a waste of money and gas
the 3.73s were fine - i was just already in there so i did it
lamoparfan | New User
Posts: 35 | Joined 09/03/08
Posted: 09/03/08 11:40 AM

That's a cute picture!
troulbe_maker | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 05/19/08
Posted: 05/19/08 03:54 PM

is that your daughter
Slater | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 03/14/08
Posted: 03/14/08 10:01 PM

Sick Ride, is the modified gearing neccesary? I am setting up a rig like this, though I was hoping to do it with a 2" lift and some serious wheel well cutting! What do you think? How does it brake?
ekim1 | User
Posts: 170 | Joined 05/16/07
Posted: 02/20/08 10:34 AM

My dad used to have one of these...the 1999 when it first came out, I loved this thing.
dndtrans | New User
Posts: 3 | Joined 12/07/07
Posted: 12/07/07 09:08 PM

Driving it like you stole it,nice!!!

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