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About my S10


Exterior: Stock blue paint, custom painted bedcover by Isaac Guzman, APC clear corners, superwhite headlight bulbs, Trenz billet antenna, APC carbon fiber Euro taillights, Street Scene side mirrors, removed emblems/badging.

Interior: Headliner, door inserts, center console, seats, floor, sub box upholstered in tweed, interior panels colormatched blue, billet interior mirror, BAD Tuner billet steering wheel, Dynamatted roof, fully upholstered bed, Billet Specialties shift lever and knob.

Engine: 160 amp alternator, Optima battery, Flowmaster exhaust, K&N filter, custom engine driven compressor.

Suspension: KP Components 6 link kit, Slam Specialties HE-6 dual port (front) and RE-7 (rear) air bags, DJM drop spindles, Slam Specialties 3/4 Digital Stealth 450psi Valves (8) (DSV) with Digital Stealth Controller, additional 3/4 GC lift valves in front (2), 12 gallon tank, Air Zenith purple compressors (2), adjustable pressure switch, Dakota Digital ODY-19-4 digital gauges custom mounted in cab, Doetsch Tech shocks, 6" stepnotch, tubbed bed, notch cover in bed, raised gas tank crossmember

Audio/Video: Dual 460 amplifiers (3), Alpine Type # 10" subs (4), 1 Farad digital capacitor, Pioneer AVIC-NI in-dash navigation, Kenwood 6 1/2" door speakers, Infinity 4x6 plate component dash speakers.


3 wheel video
blowing an air line video

Comments On 5569's S10

bkong | Enthusiast
Posts: 599 | Joined 07/23/08
Posted: 09/05/08 05:58 PM

Loooks good.
ameriboy98 | New User
Posts: 4 | Joined 08/05/08
Posted: 08/05/08 03:35 PM

very nice. i also drive an S-10. look at it. Laugh
TagDragger | New User
Posts: 3 | Joined 07/25/07
Posted: 12/15/07 06:13 PM

Well hey there . Do i know you ? LOL . Sweet ride BTW .  Wink

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