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About my Ranger

This has 5.5-inch RCD suspension lift and a three-inch P.A. body lift to get through those mud pits. The 4.0-liter V-6 gets a K&N filter and custom exhaust, and, to keep that mud flinging, 15-inch MT Classic II wheels rolling on 35-inch Swampers were included.

Comments On John_Beatty_Jr.'s Ranger

oddball2 | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 10/14/09
Posted: 10/14/09 11:46 PM

way to go! You are putting it to good use. TEAR IT UP!!!!!!
chinohalo3 | New User
Posts: 3 | Joined 05/18/09
Posted: 05/18/09 02:02 PM

nice i like the racing stripes
troulbe_maker | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 05/19/08
Posted: 05/19/08 03:33 PM

DOUBLE_REDS0279 | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 03/28/08
Posted: 03/28/08 08:39 PM

Hell yea man. I was wonderin wat a 8.5 inch lift would look like on a ranger. I got one with a 3 inch body lift and 33's. Awesome truck. Be sure to check mine out when i add it.

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